ONU Mini Node

The Maxcom MX700AC series ONU mini nodes offer enhanced features such as AGC (Automatic Gain Control), or PON ports to support GPON, EPON, xPON services. Maxcom offers highly reliable RFoG solutions.

  1. General Details

    The Maxcom MX700 AC series ONU’s are ideal for use in fiber to the home, MDU or business applications. These mini-nodes provide a reliable platform for delivering upstream and downstream DOCSIS, voice, video and high speed data PON services over FTTX applications. They are designed compliant to industry standards to terminate an RF over Glass (RFoG) communications network. Compatible with GPON transmission modes, they include an optional optical MUX for pass through of the XPON downstream and upstream wavelengths between 1310 and 1490nm. They can be used as a standalone RFoG based service, or as an overlay on a GPON network. The device uses a single fiber and receives downstream signals at 1550nm, and uses a 1610nm Isolated DFB return transmitter. Wavelengths and other features may be customized to your needs. Environmentally hardened and built with maximum toughness and the best in class warranty.

    ONU Features

    • CATV Bi-directional single fiber port, w/ optional port for PON pass through
    • Burst mode operation – Isolated DFB Lasers for improved stability to reduce OBI
    • Superior proven technologies for both the RF amplification and optical components
    • AGC for consistent RF level out, 17, 20, 30, 36 dBmV and other output versions available
    • Automatic Optical Control is designed to reduce return noise effectively
    • Optional Internal WDM to pass PON wavelengths of 1310nm and 1490nm
    • Low power consumption, compact in size, built tough, with Max reliability
    • Follows industry and SCTE 174 standards
    • 1002 MHz forward w/ AGC. 5-42MHz or custom diplex for extended return bandwidth
    • Flexible external 12VDC powering options
    • Convenient LED indicators and accessible test points
  2. Example Application

  3. Model Selection
    • MX700-2 – Dual Fiber I/O
    • MX700-3 – Single Fiber I/O
    • MX700-4 – One Fiber I/O, a second fiber for PON port
    • MX700-2C – Dual Fiber I/O, burst mode on return path
    • MX700-3C – Single Fiber I/O, burst on the return path
    • MX700-4C – Single Fiber I/O, a second fiber port for PON port, burst on the return path
    • MX700-2AC – Dual Fiber I/O, bust mode on the return, AGC on the forward path
    • MX700-3AC – Single Fiber I/O, burst on the return, AGC on the forward path
    • MX700-4AC – One Fiber I/O, a second fiber for PON port, burst on the return, AGC on the forward path
  4. Specifications



    • RF receiver range -54Mhz – 1 GHz design
    • RF Output Level : 17 to 36 dBmV (customer may specify)
    • Based on standard NTSC/ATSC channels loading

    Typical Performance:

    • CNR Better than: 51 dB typical @ -1 dBm optical input
    • CSO Better than: -60 dBc typical @ -1 dBm optical input
    • CTB Better than: -65 dBc typical @ -1 dBm optical input
    • Impedance: 75 Ù


    • Optical Receiver Sensitivity – typical (-6 dBm to +3 dBm)
    • Output Return Loss: > 45 dB
    • Flatness: ± 1 dB
    • Connector: SC/APC – Standard



    • Frequency Range: 5 – 42 MHz (expanded options avail)
    • Input Level: Typical 20/28/40 dBmV/Ch
    • RF Gain Flatness: ± 1.5 dB


    • Optical laser output power +2dbm to+4dBm
    • Laser type – Isolated DFB Laser, CWDM return path transmitters available
    • CWDM wavelengths from 1310 nm to 1610 nm
    • Connector: SC/APC – Standard
    • Return Loss: > 45 dB with APC connector


    • -20 dB for forward output and return input


    • Powered through 12VDC adaptor/inserter or dedicated F-port or RF output port


    • FTTx applications
    • businesses, schools /universities, hospitals, parks, and MDUs
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