Audio / Video

Transport one or multiple baseband (composite) video and audio channels over a single fiber strand up to 120km.


Transport or convert digital video signal types such as ASI, SDI, HD-SDI, MPEG streams, SMPTE 310, DVB-ASI for optical transport up to 120km.

Data / Ethernet

Multiplex and transport MULTIPLE GigE, 10 Gigabit ethernet streams over 110km on a single fiber, our add-on ethernet transport to any fiber transport solution we offer, such as video or digital video.

CATV / RF Over Fiber

Transport RF signals: Cable TV (CATV), L-Band (SMATV), NTSC, DOCSIS, Return Path and other RF signals over 110km over a single fiber.

Passive Devices

Fiber Splitters, Muxes, CWDM, DWDM, WDM, PON, Fiber Jumpers, Fiber Attenuators.


Nodes, ONU’s, PON, Mini-Nodes, RFoG nodes, Return Path receivers. Solutions for Fiber to the Home, MDU, Business, Curb, Hub.

RF Overlay

RF Overlay products for GPON and XG(S)PON fiber networks

Test Equipment

Fiber test gear to assist with basic troubleshooting and repair.

EDFA – Optical Amplifiers

Ultra Reliable, High Output, Low Noise Fiber Optic Amplifiers. Single, Multi-Port, Booster Amp, Line Amp, Pre-Amp, DWDM, CATV 1550, Optional Built-in PON Passing Ports

Transmitters - CATV

Reliable Fiber Optic Transmitters for CATV broadband transport and HFC, RFoG, RF Overlay networks.

Archived Past Products

Previous equipment and solutions. May be limited quantities or no longer supported. Contact us to learn about our new and updated solutions that have replaced many of these items.



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