Mini Fiber Node – High Output RF Receiver & Return Path Transmitter (MX-ON43G3)

MAXCOM MX43G3 products deliver High RF Level RF on 3 separate outputs and return path services over a fiber optic infrastructure to home, businesses, schools /universities, hospitals, parks, and MDUs . It provides optical-to-electronic conversion in a single, cost effective flexible design.

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  1. General Details

    The MX-ON43G3 Series Optical Nodes are Designed for Maximum Versatility and Performance. They are ideal for fiber-to-the-building applications. The high RF output and AGC, available CWDM Return DFB Lasers, Gain and Slope control (equalizers included), offer the Technician the Flexibility Needed for Individual Customer Situations and Installations.


    • 1 GHz with 43 dBmV output (3 RF Ports)
    • AGC Auto Gain Control Functionality
    • Flexible RF Level and Slope Control Features
    • DFB 3mW Return Laser
    • Available with 16 CWDM Wavelengths
    • LED indicators for optical Level
    • Excellent Performance Specs
  2. Model Selection
    • MX-ON43G3 – MX43G3 delivers High RF Level RF on 3 separate outputs and return path services over fiber
  3. Specifications


    • Optical wavelength: 1200~1600nm
    • Optical input power range: -8~+3dBm
    • Optical AGC input power range: -6~+2dBm
    • Optical connector type: SC/APC
    • Optical fiber type: Single Mode


    • Frequency range: Return 5 to 42 / Forward 54 to 1003MHz
    • Return loss: 47~550MHz≥18 550~1003MHz≥16
    • Test point: -20dB
    • Gain adjustment (Standard JXP Pad type): 1~20dB JXP attenuator ( selected by user)
    • Slope adjustment (EQ’s included with unit): 0,6,10,14 EQs are included (or specified by user. Available 2~20dB, in 2dB stepping)
    • Flatness in band: ±0.75dB
    • RF impedance: 75Ω
    • Nominal output level: ≥43dBmV (each of 3 output ports) (with AGC range -6~+2dBm)


    • CNR OMI=4%@42ch, CENELEC: ≥52dB at -2dBm receiving ≥45dB at -8dBm receiving
    • CTB: ≤-62dB
    • CSO 59 channels: ≤-68dB


    • Isolated DFB laser: 1550 ±20nm 4 dBm (typical)
    • Isolated CWDM laser: 1270~1610nm ±3nm 20nm stepping, 4 dBm (typical)
    • RF Input Level (OMI=4%): 20dBmV ~ 30dBmV
    • RF Input Test Point: -20dB
    • Optical Power Indication: LED


    • Power consumption: AC 90~265V, 47~63Hz
    • Operating temperature: -4~131℉ or -20~55 ℃
    • Storage temperature: -40~158℉ or -40~70℃
    • Size: 8.67” X 5.12” X 3.35” (220mm X 130mm X 85mm)
    • Weight: 1KG or 2.1lb.
    • Power consumption: 15W
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