The majority of Maxcom equipment is available using WDM, CWDM, and DWDM lasers. Because of this, we are easily able to mix and match signal types over a single strand of fiber. Simplex or Duplex optical signals over one strand of fiber can be achieved. Each component employs separate optical channels for each optical link, which enhances network security by completely isolating each channel. The Maxcom module approach provides great flexibility which allows economical solutions for the customer. Contact Maxcom and let us help by offering you a solution. Call and speak to us at 877-330-5333.

Create Your Custom Solution

Maxcom can mix different signal types from most of the products we offer over a single strand of fiber using WDM technologies.

  1. Example Application

  2. Signal Types

    • ASI
    • RF – CATV (Forward and/or Return)
    • Ethernet – Gigabit – 10G
    • SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G SDI
    • Video/Audio (Composite Base Band)

  3. Specifications

    This is a custom solution using various Maxcom products. Specifications are determined by each component or piece of equipment that is added to the mux platform.

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